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A unique gift to help mothers fighting breast cancer connect with their children.

See who is helping us touch the lives of moms and children with their talent and generosity.

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Rosie Pink Package

Price: $99.00

Stuffed Rosie Hippo -- Warm snuggly comfort for moms and kids, this soft plush Rosie is available stuffed with French lavender and natural wheat grains from England --- or stuffed with wheat grains only. Rosie can be popped into the microwave for 30 seconds to provide soothing warmth, or put into the freezer and used as a cold pack. Rosie comes with a special backpack that is perfect for leaving loving notes for a child to cherish.

“Me & My Mom” Art Journal & Crayon Rocks -- To help moms and kids create colorful memories together and to enable children to share their thoughts and feelings with their moms!

“Rosie Moments” Art Journal -- A journal for moms to record the positive moments in their lives during this difficult time.

“Rosie Thoughts” Note Box -- A box for a mom and child to share special secrets!

“Only One You” by Linda Kranz -- A wonderful book for a mother and child to share that provides an opportunity to reaffirm how special and unique we all are…and how special the relationship is between a parent and a child!

CD:” I’m Me” by Charlie Hope -- This CD is a treasure. Charlie Hope’s music is sweet, refreshing, and so engaging. Her voice is beautiful --- pure and angelic --- and the songs are catchy and easy to sing along to.

Rosie Tote -- To carry all that love and activity!

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